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We expect that each & every couple should be able to feel & experience each second of parenthood because we understand that everyone warrants to have their own content family and all this is possible at our IVf clinic in South Delhi at IRMIC.

Our IVF treatment clinic maintains a high reputation, standards and has the privilege of possessing the state-of-the-art buildings, reliable care assistance in the capital of the country. We have been recognized & accepted as one of the best low-cost IVF treatment clinic by many countries across the Globe for our Advanced reproductive facilities and technologies which is at par with the most advanced technologies of developed countries all over the world. Our IVF treatment Clinic in Delhi has a record high pregnancy success rates and guarantees the patients that all their conditions will be attended at our IVF clinic.

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Primordial and Best IVF Clinic in Delhi India

Institute of Reproductive Medicine & IVF Centre(IRMIC) is the most renowned IVF clinic in South Delhi IVF Centre and has a world-class facility for any type of IVF treatment. The doctors and infertility specialist at the centre have been serving the dreams of parenthood for the last 33 years and this has all been possible because of the collective team effort of the experienced staff who have diagnosed and treated infertile couple with ease. This IVF treatment Clinic in New Delhi is pleased to have played a vital role in bringing more than 10,000 plus babies into the world and is now the preeminent provider of infertility services. It is situated in Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri, the heart of the capital of India, New Delhi.

IRMIC – The Most Successful & Primordial  IVF centre in Delhi is giving Diverse infertility treatment such as IVF, egg donation, cryopreservation, ICSI, IUI, Sperm donation, surrogacy, IMSI and ovulation Induction.

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Dr. Brig RK Sharma provides the best Infertility treatment for the patients with best possible outcome. Let it be any IVF treatment in South Delhi. Our care towards all our services have always received applauds.

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Under the leadership of Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma, our center is in the process of making happy families, besides giving them babies.

It is his passion, religion, not only a profession. You will experience it yourself when you walk into our centre at the ‘Institute of Reproductive Medicine & IVF Centre’. Our centre with ‘State of the Art’ technologies stand apart from other centers and that makes us distinct in healthcare solutions. Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma has used his extensive experience to set up this centre using the latest technologies across the world today. This is the 8th centre, which is being set up by him in India. Most IVF centers across India have tried to emulate the center for the immense value & quality he believes in.

How Helpful Our Infertility Clinic in Delhi team is?

IRMIC is an IVF treatment clinicthat can give you efficient infertility treatment, it’s one with humane staff, fair pricing, seamless administrative rules and exceptional warm support. At our Centre, you can plan out a strategy and the complete infertility treatment plan. Each IVF specialist at the IVF Infertility centrevalues for the selected treatment plan, planned for you every day and your importance, in particular, assists you with your negligible concern. All the tests are carried out in a modern lab organized with new and latest equipment & facilities.

Connected with our specialists and highly-motivated infertility doctors, each & every member of the team at IRMIC the most battered and best IVF clinic in Delhi guarantees to deliver the best possible result to our patients. Having vast experience in the respective field of treatment and diagnosis, all of the staff and doctors are enthusiastic to work in a team to bring satisfaction for the prospected parents.