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Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma did his first IVF case in 1994. The patient was a Christian couple, who was unable to conceive for the past 10 years & had lost all hope to bear a child. Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma took up this case & decided to help the patient. IVF technologies were at a very initial stage & were just on a starting point across the world. Dr. (Brig) R.K Sharma used the resources available that time, which were mainly medicines. The patient was able to conceive shortly & their joy knew no bound. A healthy child was born after completion of the term. The father of the child came over to Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma & kissed his hand & said, “You have a blessed hand”. This incidence had a lasting impression on Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma & he decided to go full force into the little known but challenging area of IVF.

Today things have gone a long way ever since, in India. However in the sea of IVF centres mushrooming across India, Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma is a name that needs no introduction. He has had an illustrious career serving the Armed Forces of India for over 30 years. He was the first to pioneer IVF in India in the public sector& in the army, which he initiated 20 years back. He was instrumental in setting up an IVF centre in the army. With his tireless & passionate efforts; the first IVF baby in the army was born in 1995 at Pune (Maharashtra). He used his astute persuasion, perseverance &extensive experience to set up the world renowned ART Centre at Army R & R (Research & Referral) at New Delhi in 2003. The entire IVF centre was designed, conceptualized, set up & run exclusively by Dr. R.K. Sharma. He created an unmatched environment of work culture & IVF treatment, which is missed till today. The complete access to the vast resources in the army has helped him to take a pioneering role with the insight & first hand usage of the latest machinery & technologies in the field of IVF. The IVF centre at Pune was also set up by him from scratch & is today a force to reckon with. Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma has over 5000 IVF babies to his credit. The number is growing with every passing day. Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma has had patients coming to him from all across the country, with hope in their mind & have been going back well satisfied.

In his total career in the field of IVF, Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma has been giving consultation to over 200 couples every day & has successfully treated over 10,000 couples till now.

The herculean efforts put up while setting up the centres when IVF was a relatively unknown science, at initial levels had a great silver lining to it as well, as the passion & personal involvement in each & every dimension, provided him invaluable know-how into each & every technical aspects of Clinical work, Ultrasound, Embryology, Male factor infertility etc all by himself. This armed him with mastery and a clear view of IVF along with a sound understanding. Many doctors having leading IVF practice in India have been trained under Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma at some point of time. Some of today's renowned medical colleges have had the extensive support to design, set up, train the staff of Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma.

Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma is also one of the top 8 examiners for the reputed, ‘Post Doctoral Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine’. He is a highly sought speaker for reputed IVF conferences as a speaker both nationally & internationally. He has delivered endless lectures & presentations on various aspects of IVF & ART. He has also been instrumental in forming several new & customized protocols in the field of IVF, which are acknowledged & used across the country.