Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma has been a pioneer of IVF technology in India. Having worked in a very diverse environment, across India he has intense understanding of the variability of various causative factors of infertility affecting couples from different parts of India. While cases of Endometriosis are more in women from East India, PCOS has a bigger presence in North India, while cases of male factor infertility surface more from North India. With his vast experience in mind, Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma keeps several such factors well in place while treating his patients. -Ramesh Kumar

Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma has been instrumental in forming several new important customized protocols in the field of IVF, which are acknowledged & used across the country. It is for this reason that he is valued as the end point of infertility management far across. When you come to him, you are bringing yourself to the end point of treatment for your condition. -Ramesh Kumar

While success rates across vary from 25% to 40% depending from centre to centre, however with the latest & ‘State of the Art’ technology employed by us, like Embryo-Scope, Latest Ultramodern IVF Lab, equipped with the latest &ultramodern machines, we assure you a verifiable success rate matching world standards. Come fulfill you dream of parenthood with us. -Ramesh Kumar