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How We Work

More Scientific, More Ethical, More Result Oriented, More Endeavour, these are the guidelines we follow in our IVF Centre.

The centre working under the leadership of Dr. (Brig) R.K Sharma is not in the business of making children, but in the process of making happy families.

A Passion, A Religion & NOT only a profession. You will experience it your self when you walk into our centre at the ‘Institute of Reproductive Medicine & IVF Centre’ at PRIMUS Hospital, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. Located in the high profile & most posh localities in South Delhi, the centre showcases a ‘State of the Art’ technologies at display. Dr. (Brig) R.K Sharma has used his extensive experience to set up this centre using the latest technologies across the world today. This is the 8th centre, which is being set up by him in India. Most IVF centres across India have tried to imitate his centres for the immense value & perfection which he believes in.

The centre has 6 full time well qualified embryologists for better quality of response to patients.

Every patient is clinically assesed by Dr. (Brig) R.K Sharma before necessary procedures are initiated, to ensure that no area of the patient is ignored so that the results are in tune with the expectation.

The procedure undertaken in each patient is personally supervised by Dr. (Brig) R.K Sharma to ensure that no technicality is ignored at any point of time.

Contact Dr. (Brig) R.K Sharma for an appointment & feel the positive difference.