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Intracytoplasmic Morphological Sperm Injection (IMSI) is another variant of ICSI that uses a high power light microscope to increase the sperm sample over 6000 times. This technique enables us to select the best quality sperm without any defects to inject into egg of the patient which further increase our rates of implantation and pregnancy after fertility treatment. IMSI is immensely advantageous for:

  • Patients with unexplained infertility
  • Recurrent first trimester abortion
  • Patients with more than 2 ICSI failures
  • Patients where there is severe male factor abnormality, for e.g. elderly male partners, normal sperm count but higher percentage of abnormal sperms and severe oligoasthenospermia etc
  • Presently, IMSI is mainly beneficial for patients with a history of miscarriages, male partners over 35 years, patients with previous unsuccessful treatment cycles not due to an egg factor and patients who have not achieved good quality embryos in previous cycles. Moreover, IMSI has delivered magnificent results in the form of better quality embryos, better egg fertilization rates which may result in better pregnancy rates.

    We at IRMIC has been using this technique to maximize the results by increasing the fertilization chances and decreasing the likelihood of miscarriage. This shows that technology has moved to a higher level.