IUI Treatment In Delhi At IRMIC

IRMIC under the guidance/ leadership of Dr. RK Sharma and a team of top experts is one of the most entrusted & the best IUI clinic in Delhi.  If you are soliciting best IUI treatment in Delhi, the centre renders expert counseling and IUI treatment at a reasonable cost which can benefit any couple who are ready to go for this artificial conception method.

The highly qualified fertility experts at IRMIC- IUI treatment centre take thorough care of the intricacy through empowered diagnosis. They review records examination of the past and current health data.

If you are looking out for a reliable clinic that strives to ease your suffering then the IRMIC IUI Centre is among the most adept and proficient IUI clinics in India. The IRMIC is run under the guidance of Dr.  RK Sharma a fertility expert and a team of top experts is one of the most entrusted IUI clinic in Delhi.

If you are soliciting Intra Uterine Insemination Treatment, IRMIC renders expert counseling and IUI treatment at a reasonable cost which can be a benefit for any couple who are ready to go for this artificial conception method. The highly qualified fertility experts at IRMIC-IUI treatment centre take thorough care of the diverse intricacies through advanced diagnosis methods.

At IRMIC infertility centre, we have fantastic IUI pregnancy rates that have benefited many childless couples with IUI treatment in India. Rest assured IRMIC will take care of your fertility needs completely with a true professional approach.

What is IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination)?

IUI or intrauterine insemination is an easy medical method that requires deposition of washed sperms into the uterus of a patient.  The method is directed at assisting the process of conception. This Assisted Reproductive Technology method is reliable and efficient in handling infertility, particularly when dealing with physical limitations. In IUI treatment, a semen sample is prepared within a nutrient medium and installed in the uterine cavity, which in turn enables sperms to reach the uterus.

Conditions needing IUI

  • Poor semen Quality with low numbers or motility.
  • Impotency or premature ejaculation in males.
  • Problems in the cervix that could lead to the hostile passage.
  • Ovulation complexities such as Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).
  • In instances of unexplained infertility where events are unknown, IUI is promoted.
  • At least one tube should be open

Advantages of IUI Treatment

The benefits of  IUI treatment.

  • Less stress on the body

IUI offers more simpler treatment than other treatments like IVF.

  • IUI procedure improves the chances when compared to natural intercourse.

IUI improves the sperms to be fast-tracked directly to the egg for fertilization as compared to regular sex where only the most active sperm can get delivered to the cervical mucus and then to the uterus.

  • There are fewer chances of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).
  • A regular IUI is less invasive on the body and uterus as compared to treatments like IVF.
  • IUI is an excellent method to recognize how the body will react before directly going for treatments like IVF. Moreover, it can benefit not to waste a cycle.
  • Cost less than other treatment like IVF

Planning IUI Treatment at Our IUI Clinic in Delhi

If you’re planning for IUI procedure, you need to know before your treatment is done. Many patients face difficulties while choosing for the best infertility treatment and several puzzles arise in their minds from how it works to how triumphant is IUI!  When medicines disappoint to produce a natural kind of pregnancy then doctors suggest the artificial infertility treatments like IUI – intrauterine insemination  With the advancement in technology by leaps and bounds, the basic wonders remain the same and IUI is identified as the best infertility treatment to encourage women to conceive.


IUI Treatment Procedure

In simple words, ovulation means the release of an egg by a developed ovarian follicle. When the lady is ovulating, IUI is done. Ovaries are stimulated with the aid of medication. This increases the egg production, thereby, the possibility of conception in the patient is increased. the patient’s uterus, the patient’s uterus and ovaries are examined through an ultrasound investigation. The prescribed medications are directed to create more eggs. Fertility Doctor will conduct the insemination during ovulation. Initially, an ultrasound scan is done to ascertain whether the patient is ovulating or not. Once optimum follicle size is confirmed, the eggs are discharged from the follicle with the aid of an injection.


IUI Treatment Procedure

IUI procedure is usually conducted by the day 12 or day 16 of the natural menstrual period but the suitable day will depend upon one’s cycle. To conduct insemination at the best time an ultrasound scan determines that the egg is mature or not. Within 24 to 36 hours of HCG injection, sperm is inserted into the uterus. As the washed sperms only live for six hours, IUI is done within the same period. The sperm sample which is inserted is first washed and only motile and healthy sperms are selected and toxins and dead sperms are removed.

Affordability & Success Rateof IUI Treatment

Before adopting any treatment there are various elements which should be taken into consideration like the monetary issue which is the foremost concern which keeps lingering in everyone’s mind.  IUI is the more simplified treatment for infertility and the success rate of this infertility treatment is also considered good and that too in the budget. Looking at the IUI cost in Delhi, it is perceived as an affordable, safe, and an effective treatment method for infertility.


Evaluation and Tests

Before commencement IUI treatment, women need to go for an X-ray test, called hysterosalpingogram (HSG). The test determines whether the patient has at least

one open fallopian tube.

Male partners contributing a semen specimen for IUI need be tested for infectious diseases. When a woman is using donor sperm from a sperm bank, she must be examined for infectious diseases before commencing donor sperm inseminations.

Different lab tests are needed like the HIV,  RPR (a test for syphilis), hepatitis B surface antigen, and hepatitis C antibody. Prior to commencing an IUI, the tests must be normal and the infertility centre must have received the results.