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  • What should a new mum do at once incase of the above emergencies? In any of above emergencies patients should report to doctor or hospital immediately
  • What do the following symptoms indicate
    • Sudden and heavy blood loss, or increasing blood loss, including clots
    • Severe or persistent headache
    • Raised blood pressure
    • Upper abdominal pain
    • Shortness of breath
    • Chest pain
    • Calf pain
    • Manic behaviour, including insomnia and severe agitation
    • Very high fever
    • Unable to pee within six hours of your baby’s birth
    • Suicidal or intrusive thoughts
    • Unpleasant, smelly vaginal discharge
    • A tender tummy
    • Widespread rash
  • (explain each in brief)
    • It can be post partum hemorrhage and it also can be symptom of anemia
    • This may lead to high blood pressure
    • This symptom can through fits to patients and bleeding
    • This may due to acidity, anemia, high BP, impending lever failure
    • It can be respiratory infection and heart failure
    • It can be Thrombosis
    • This may be deep vein thrombosis
    • This may be due to post partum blues or depression
    • This is post partum infection and also can be due to peripheral septic
    • It is due to urinary retention or injury
    • This is due to post partum psychosis
    • This is due to infection
    • This may be infection like endometritis
    • This is due to allergy