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Ask Doctor Column of (Dr. Brig) RK Sharma listed in ‘The Man Magazine’ (August Issue)

Can I experience male infertility even if my sperm count is healthy?

Answer by (Dr. Brig) RK Sharma:

In today’s scenario, male infertility is quite common and more prevalent as well. If a woman is not getting pregnant people tend to think that, the fertility issue lies on her only. This is the general mindset of the people, but this is not always the case. There is an equivalent chance that male infertility could be the cause of a woman’s inability in conceiving a child. Yes. Male infertility can be caused by low sperm mobility, low level of hormones made in the pituitary gland, blockage of sperm transport, sexual problems, and sperm antibodies.

Even though your sperm count is normal, infertility may crop up. These are some of the factors which may also cause infertility in men: Lifestyle choices as well as the medical history can highly affect the fertility of a man. If you smoke marijuana, use illegal drugs, have poor nutrition, have a chronic illness, have had a sexually transmitted infection, have poor nutrition, take anabolic steroids, have a hernia in your groin or significantly overweight.

If you have poor sperm motility or your sperm not able to fertilize your partner’s eggs then problems may occur in making you infertile. Varicoceles are enlarged veins that increase the temperature in testes which may affect the sperm production. Physical problems also cause infertility and usually differentiated by abnormal sperm morphology or low sperm count. These are some of the problems that cause male infertility such as – damaged sperm ducts, infection and disease, retrograde ejaculation, torsion and klinefelter’s syndrome.

If you experience any of these, discuss with a well-qualified Dr. (Brig) RK Sharma who has all the solutions for your health care and improve your chance of having a healthy pregnancy.