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Ovulation Induction

We being the finest fertility center have well renowned fertility specialists who induce ovulation through the use of fertility drugs to imitate a naturally-produced hormone known as Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) also known as a Pituitary Gonadotropin. FSH encourages the development of the ovarian follicles located in the ovaries. Each follicle comprises of an egg and when a woman ovulates, an egg is released.

The drugs used for ovulation induction are injections – Gonadotropin and tablets – Clomiphene Citrate. The idea here is to produce more and more eggs available for conception and in case, if the woman has patent tube and husband is normal, timely intercourse around ovulation time will give rise to pregnancy. Ovulation induction might be used in combination with IVF, IUI or other treatments to increase the number of ovarian follicles and the potential for the release of multiple mature ova. Due to the increased number of released ova, it can provide a greater chance of fertilization success.

For women with ovulation problems, ovulation induction is highly recommended as it maximizes the chance of pregnancy occurring and is completely simple treatment to rely on.