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Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma is technology fanatic. While he has been instrumental in bringing the latest IVF related technologies in India, which has been just a dream for most practitioners. He firmly believes that ‘Dreams are those, which do not let you sleep’. This has driven him to create a team of professionals who share his vision & passion. Once having associated & had the experience of working with him, they have found hard to leave him. The core team of Dr. (Brig.) R.K. Sharma assures you the best & the latest technologies & a world class experience, which you will preserve pleasantly in your memory bank.


This is one of the latest armaments in the field of IVF& ART with Dr. R.K. Sharma. The embryo-scope is the latest ‘State of the Art’ equipment worldwide. This embryo-scope will help to increase the pregnancy rate in patients by over 20%. While the normal pregnancy rates are around 35% to 40%, however, with this latest machine, pregnancy rate will go up till 60%. This embryo-scope is a very advanced model, available today which provides the latest ‘Time-Lapse System’, which provides complete & detailed insight into the various stages in development of Embryo, before ‘Embryo-Transfer’ (E.T). the earlier unthought-of & unheard areas of ‘Embryo viewer’, time lapse observation of embryo development are all now possible, to help the doctor take the timely decision in the selection of Embryo of when will be the right time & stage for E.T.